Governance Services

Governance Services





Strategy and Measurement

Strategic planning, strategic positioning, and strategic analytic services.  Value proposition, mission, vision, and outcome defining service available. 

Strategic retreats

Focused sessions where board members step away from their regular jobs and responsibilities to focus on the organization’s big-picture goals, results, and forward direction. It’s also a chance for board members to get to know each other beyond the fiduciary aspect of board responsibilities, which leads to more effective and efficient decision-making. Multi-day options are available and recommended. 

Executive Search and Recruitment

Full search and recruitment services to attract and retain senior-level professionals. A team of resources is assigned to your search to take care of all the details making it easier to focus your time on selecting among top candidates.

Our services include all aspects from profile development, promotion, candidate fit assessments, to legal support with the employment contract.

CEO / Executive Director Performance Assessments

Full services for measuring CEO and Executive Director performance with debriefing; 180 degree and 360 degree evaluation components available. A final report with debriefing and analysis is provided to the Board and CEO.

In Alberta, evaluations for Chief Superintendent of Schools can be conducted in alignment with the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standards (SLQS).

Board Development Workshops

Custom and specialized sessions on an array topics such as: 

- Advocacy

- Board orientation

- Board Governance 101 (for those new to board service)

- Board Governance 201 (intermediate content)

- Board Governance 301 (advanced content)

- Board - CEO Relations

- Communication for Boards (better words - better results)

- Gallup StrengthFinder

- Personality Dimensions (True Colours)

- Personal Values Assessment

- Purpose-building sessions based on Simon Sinek's work

- Understanding conflict styles and solutions 

Contact us if you are seeking a customized session not listed above!

Governance Advice

Ad-hoc consultations and advice on governance matters, procedures, code of conduct questions, and protocols.   

Governance Coaching

Assistance in working through challenging situations, dealing with interpersonal disagreement, navigating codes of conduct issues, or where ongoing dysfunction would benefit from third-party intervention.  Several approaches are used to diagnose the team's health and examine the core issues at hand, leading to better results, sooner.

Board Self-Evaluations

Full services for facilitating Board self-evaluations conducted in a manner which supports continuous improvement, accountability and transparency to our clients' stakeholders. A report with debriefing and analysis is provided.

Compensation Reviews

Examination and analysis of full compensation packages with comparisons and recommendations provided.  Compensation reviews can be conducted for elected officials, executive leadership, and management roles.  

Governance Reviews

Examination and analysis of the board's functioning, processes, committees structures, and policies to assess where efficiencies and improvements may be found.

Culture Audits

Culture audits involve a comprehensive examination of the organization's cultural characteristics (such as its workforce assumptions, reward and promotion methods, unspoken norms, perceptions of leadership, and values) to determine whether the condition of the organization is conducive to delivering strategic results.

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

Planning and facilitation services to involve groups of stakeholders potentially affected by or interested in a decision  or course of action, conducted in accordance with standards set by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).  Services for dealing with highly sensitive and emotional topics are available.

- Community conversations

- Town halls

- Focus groups

- Surveys

- Open houses

- World cafes

- Interviews

- Other techniques depending on clients' circumstances

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