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Organizational Reviews

A comprehensive examination and analysis of the organization's performance from a systems perspective, with the aim to improve performance.  Customers may choose a particular area of emphasis for the review. Recommendations and debriefing are included.  Our methodology and approach follow leading practices as defined by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

Compensation Reviews

Examination and analysis of full compensation packages with comparitors and recommendations provided.  Compensation reviews can be conducted for elected officials, executive leadership, and management roles.  

Functional Area / Department Reviews

Examination and analysis of processes, structures, people, and policies to assess where efficiencies and improvements may be found. 

Policy + Procedure Reviews

Examination and analysis of policies and procedures to ensure the organization's policies/procedures are current, consistent, and effective. A policy review would include working with your members of your team throughout.

Change Management

Change management incorporates tools and approaches to help individuals make successful personal transitions resulting in the adoption and realization of change. We specialize in change with new structures, new leadership, and new systems for organizations of all sizes.

Executive Search and Recruitment

Full search and recruitment services to attract and retain top talent. A team of resources is assigned to your search to take care of all the details making it easier to focus your time on selecting among top candidates.

Our services include all aspects from profile development, promotion, candidate fit assessments, to legal support with the employment contract.

Facilitation Services

Professional process management leading to a group's desired outcomes, solutions, or course of action.  Moderator services available for political forums, expert panels, and stakeholder meetings.     

Culture Audits

Culture audits involve a comprehensive examination of the organization's cultural characteristics (such as its workforce assumptions, reward and promotion methods, unspoken norms, perceptions of leadership, and values) to determine whether the condition of the organization is conducive to delivering strategic results.

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

Planning and facilitation services to involve groups of stakeholders potentially affected by or interested in a decision  or course of action, conducted in accordance with standards set by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).  Services for dealing with highly sensitive and emotional topics are available.

- Community conversations

- Town halls

- Focus groups

- Surveys

- Open houses

- World cafes

- Interviews

- Other techniques depending on clients' circumstances

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