Governance consulting for municipalities, school boards, public agencies, and housing bodies.


                                                         A  retreat is the perfect opportunity to hold strategic conversations and refocus on the path ahead.

Dedicated time in a retreat format enables leaders to step back from the daily churn and

assess the organization's strategic performance and progress.


- Refreshed perspectives

- Improved relationships and cohesion

- Enhanced collaboration with time given to dialogue about issues

- Re-invigoration and motivation for purpose

- Clarity of goals and action plans


We recognize every group and organization is unique. Each leadership retreat is tailored to address the organization's unique dynamics and needs.

With our proven facilitation approach and vast library of tools, exercises, simulations, learning resources, instructional materials, and self and team assessments, Leadership Services is able to guide leadership teams as they break down barriers, get out of their comfort zone, and explore key issues and areas of focus.

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