Governance consulting for municipalities, school boards, public agencies, and housing bodies.


Dealing with a 

governance challenge?‚Äč

You've come to the right place.

Different perspectives are often a good thing on a governing council or board.

However, often conditions aren't ideal, pressures are real, and conflict arises.

If you are dealing with a challenging dynamic or interpersonal conflicts, you're not alone.

If you feel that a situation is recurring or hindering your best work as governors, we can help.

Using a range of coaching techniques we have worked with numerous groups and individuals to improved results.

There is a great deal of power for those who seek external assistance to work through difficulties and desire becoming better governors for the community.


Our engagement sessions are facilitated by IAP2 trained practitioners and incorporate a blend of digital and in-person methods to meet the organization's needs.   From full multi-channel engagement programs to small intimate consultations, our clients' needs drive our approach. 

Using contemporary methods, we tailor each engagement program to build trust in the organization and allow for stakeholders to share their voice in a constructive and productive fashion.

All engagement programs conclude with a formal report to the organization including data analytics.

An additional "What We Heard" document can be fully developed for external audiences.


  • Improved governance 
  • Greater trust and buy-in from stakeholders
  • Improved awareness of stakeholder views and pressure points
  • Enhanced responsiveness and issue management
  • Opportunity for joint problem solving


For contentious or highly emotional matters, we are especially well-equipped to facilitate these sessions to positive outcomes.


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